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cek keamanan website dengan websitedefender

Banyak alasan mengapa kami mereferensikan website defender, disamping penggunaan nya mudah, dan bagi yang menggunakan engine WordPress telah tersedia plugin yang bisa anda gunakan. Nah berikut fitur – fitur yang ditawarkan seperti yang kami kutip dari web mereka

Malware Checks :

  • Scans your website’s files for malware
  • Checks if your website is blacklisted by Google or listed in malware / SPAM indexes
  • Detects Malware links within your website
  • Detects backdoors and shell scripts
  • Detects local root exploits (such as rootkits etc.)

Basic Website Checks :

  • Checks if content changed
  • Verifies HTTPS certificate validity
  • Detects if email addresses displayed are at risk to be used for spam
  • Detects broken links
  • Verifies Network security
  • DNS records inspection
  • Alerts if your domain is about to expire
  • Checks if error messages display sensitive information
  • Detects if the internal IP is disclosed
  • Detects if source codes are disclosed
  • Detects configuration problems in .htaccess files

WordPress Checks :

  • Alerts if a new administrator account has been created
  • Alerts if the administrator credentials or email is modified
  • Detects insecure account credentials (such as weak passwords)
  • Alerts if the files and directories permissions are insecure
  • Checks if the database prefix is guessable
  • Checks if the latest WordPress version has been installed
  • Checks if you are using the latest version of plugins
  • Detects insecure database credentials (MySQL)
  • Root account used for database access (MySQL)
  • Detects changes in the database which point to hacker activity
  • Checks if the installed plugins and themes are safe
  • Alerts if any plugin or theme has been removed or uploaded
  • Detects executable files in WordPress upload directory
  • WordPress database connection error

File Checks :

  • Detects backup files with sensitive information
  • Version control systems (SVN/CVS)
  • Detects files with script source code
  • Alerts if important files are modified pointing to hacker activity (file integrity validation)
  • Detects files with vulnerabilities

PHP Checks :

  • Verifies php_errors directive

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